KITZ Group Principle of Environmental Activities

KITZ Group companies aspire to become operations worthy of society’s confidence through the supply of environmentally friendly products and services and promotion of environment-responsive corporate activities.

KITZ Group Companies: Environmental Action Policy

KITZ Group companies shall recognize environmental issues as an essential perspective of corporate management and every employee shall positively participate in the following activities.

  1. Development and supply of environmentally friendly products and services
  2. Effective use of resources
  3. Promotion of reduction, reuse and recycle of waste
  4. Prevention of environmental contamination

Promotion of environmentally conscious management

The KITZ Group has designated "Group-wide promotion of environmentally conscious management" as one measure for strengthening our business foundation to realize our slogan "Evolution to become a fully global company," which is articulated in the KITZ Global Vision 2020, a Long-term Management Plan. Based on this, we have set two targets of "Enhancement of Environmental Management System" and "Reduction in Environmental Impact and Compliance with Environment-Related Laws and Regulations."

Enhancement of Environmental Management System

We have completed certification for ISO 14001 at all our production plants (seven locations) in Japan and will now expand efforts for obtaining ISO 14001 certification to our overseas bases. We will strive to complete the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification in the near future at all overseas manufacturing bases with the aim of building an environment management system as a truly global company.

Compliance with Regulations and Reduce Impact on Environment

Besides complying with various environment-related laws and regulations for addressing environmental problems amid a tightening of restrictions worldwide, including in Japan, Europe, Asia and the United States, we also engage in activities to eliminate all environmental risk associated with our business activities.

We are reducing consumption of energy and water used for our business activities and reducing the discharge of carbon dioxide, industrial waste and chemical pollutants from our business operations. We will effectively use finite resources while extensively eliminating waste to reduce environmental impacts in terms of total volume and basic units.

KITZ Group Safety and Health Fundamental Philosophy

KITZ places the highest priority on safety and health in all of its activities based on the principle of showing respect for people. Group companies conduct extensive safety and health programs with the goal of zero accident.

KITZ Group Safety and Health Fundamental Policies

  1. KITZ is dedicated to ensuring safety and health for all employees by complying with Japan’s Industrial Safety and Health Act and other associated laws and regulations as well as by adhering to internal rules and standards.
  2. KITZ improves safety and health management by educating and training all employees with regard to the knowledge and skills needed for safety and health programs.
  3. KITZ is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its machinery and equipment so that employees can do their jobs without concern.
  4. KITZ reduces exposure to risk factors with the goal of eliminating potential sources of danger and harm to employees in workplaces.
  5. KITZ maintains stimulating and pleasant workplaces that contribute to the mental and physical wellbeing of all employees.

KITZ Group Environmental Report

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