Ceaseless Advancement of Product Development

KITZ works actively on technological development that has less impact on people and the global environment such as engineering methods, development of materials and material procurement. For the development of materials, in particular, we focus on product development including lead-free copper alloy and European RoHS Directive-compliant materials to meet the increasing demands of society regarding the environment and safety.

Product development constantly moving forward on the crest of the world’s most advanced fluid flow control technologies

Expansion of product lineup
PFA lined butterfly valves

Development of new materials
Lead-free valves for North America

High precision high performance technology
KITZ Micro Filter’s hollow fiber membrane filters for chemical solutions

Earning the Trust of Users Globally with World-Class Valve Technologies

While maintaining its position as the industry leader, KITZ is guided by a market-driven approach to constantly provide customers with innovative, high-quality products. The KITZ Group works in unison to cultivate product development and production technologies that achieve high functionality and ultra-precision and nurtures the seeds of these technologies in today’s diversified business fields.

Unique R&D System that Continuously Creates High Value-Added Products

The driving forces underpinning KITZ’S R&D activities are our advanced testing, analysis and measurement technologies carried out at our laboratories. The quality of all our products is controlled through rigorous in-house laboratory testing and analysis, and only those products that satisfy stringent criteria are made available to customers.

Laboratory tests and analyses simulating user's on-site operation conditions

Flow rate test

Bending test

Blow-off test

Cryogenic test

Fire test

Simulation analyses technology

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