KITZ butterfly valves are available in a variety of body materials and seat combinations ready to meet our customers' needs. Oil-free specification is also available.
All valve types are available with pneumatic or electric actuators and can be automated.
KITZ XJ Series aluminum butterfly valves : Featured with unique interchangeability of the neck designs.
The DJ-series is a ductile butterfly valve using molded-in (bonded) seat structure.
The UB-series incorporates stainless steel manufacture for vital elements and double eccentric construction.
The 3 type of seat material are Sillicone rubber(VMQ), White NBR and Fluoro rubber.
Three neck designs for your choice :
Long neck type short neck type and neckless type are available for versatile applications. Optionally available NECK Mounting Kits enable easy change of valve necks to other type, depending on service conditions: (Valves need to be dismantled from pipelines for neck replacement.)
Easy valve-to-flange centering :
Light weight of die-cast aluminum valve body (which is only one-thirds of KITZ's conventional cast iron butterfly valves) eases valve-to-flange centering work on mounting valves on pipelines.
Wide range of service applications :
Austenitic stainless steel discs and EPDM rubber seats can handle many different kinds of line fluid without concern of corrosion.
Stabillzed operating torque :
A pair of stem bearing assembled around the top and bottom stems prevents stem galling, and stabilizes valve operating torque for smooth and trouble-free disc rotation.
On-the-spot actuator assembly :
The actuator mounting pads of all necks are designed in conformity with ISO 5211 requirements for direct on-site mounting of actuators which are provided with ISO 5211 valve mounting flanges.
Prevention of dew condensation(Long neck type) :
Along stainless steel neck blocks transfer of the fluid heat to a valve operating device, which thus needs no insulation. Dew condensation is minimized also in case of cold water service.
Rust prevention :
Main parts such as stems, discs, necks, neck connectors and boltings are all made of stainless steel for highly graded rust prevention.
S-shape spherical disc for high sealing performance (patented) :
KITZ's original cross-sectionally S-shaped valve discs with spherical surface evenly make tight contact with rubber liners for excellent sealing performance with reduced operating torque. Thorough 360° shut-off mechanism helps extend service life of rubber liners.
* The structural drawing shows a size 100A valve.
The S-shape disc offers an improved seal
(patented design)
The disc uses a globe-shaped face developed by KITZ and an S-shaped disc. When the valve is closed with light torque, the entire face contacts the seat evenly, providing a superior seal. The simultaneous full circumference shutting feature has also contributed to significant improvement in seat durability.
Non-peeling Seat-to-body Construction
Molded-in (bonded) seat structure is employed for size 2" to 12". Larger sized valves are provided with replaceable seat. This non-peeling seat-to-body construction assures maintenance-free application for high fluid velocity service*1, vacuum service*2 and handling surging fluid velocity. It also guarantees peel-free valve mounting on pipelines.
*1 Maximum 4 meters/second for on-off service for valves up to size 12, and 3 meters/second for size 14 and larger. *2 Up to 30 torr. Vacuum service is option for size 14 and larger.
Spherical design for Discs and Seats
Rubber seats are spherically designed where they contact top and bottom stems. This protects widely designed rubber seats from peeling or deformation for prolonged service life of valves. Thinly streamlined metal discs are the results of elaborate laboratory study to ultimately minimize the pressure loss.
Choice of Materials and Operating Devices
Choice among 4 disc and 2 seat materials and manual, pneumatic or electric valve operating devices makes service applications highly versatile.
Integral ISO 5211 Actuator Mounting Flange
Any pneumatic or electric valve actuators provided with ISO 5211 valve mounting flanges can be easily mounted for actuation of valves in the field.
Low Valve Operating Torque
Low operating torques are designed low for extension of valve service life and economic consideration in selection of valve operating devices.
Light-designed for Operation Efficiency
Designed much lighter than our conventional series for operation efficiency in piping.
Emission-free Stem Sealing Mechanism
Prevention of external fluid leakage is maximized with a rubber O-ring assembled around the top stem and tight contact between spherically designed rubber seat and spherically designed top and bottom end of the disc.
Dew condenstation prevention
Dew condenstation prevention type is optionally available with heat.
Double-eccentric kinematics
The valves stem is designed eccentric to both the center of the seat ring (by X) and the center of the valve body (by Y), which makes the clearance C between the seat ring and the disc seat surface on its fully open position (Fig.1). Disc seating surface is spherically machined and contacts PTFE seat tightly thorough 360 for leak-free service. All these help minimize frictional wear of seat rings and reduce the valve operating torque considerably.
Durable seat rings
Seat rings are made of PTFE with stainless steel supporter. Furthermore, double-eccentric kinematics relieve seat ring from damage or wear which is a rather usual problem of conventional butterfly valves, This makes the service life twice as long as rubber seated butterfly valves.
Retightening of gland packing
There is a room between the gland and the lever or gear to allow retightening of gland boltings without trouble of disassembly of the lever or gear during plant operation. Another feature of KITZ Type UB butterfly valves (Fig.2).
EJ Series Butterfly Valves
EJ Series Butterfly Valves
Design Feature
3type of Seat material.
The 3 type of seat material are; VMQ(Silicone rubber) which can be used for a wide range of temperature applications, W-NBR(White NBR), which is suitable for use in the food processing industry and FKM(Fluoro rubber) which has properties such as strength and durability idea for use on variety of fluid applications. W-NBR and VMQ meet the requirement of FDA.*
*All the above chemical materials used are approved by FDA, and the seats are manufactured within the maximum allowable limitations and restrictions.
Suitable for various flanges.
All the sizes are suitable for the flanges of EN1092 PN6, PN10, PN16 / BS10 Table E/ASME Class125 and Class150.
Integral ISO 5211 actuator mounting flange.
Any pneumatic or electric valve actuator provided with ISO 5211 valve mounting flange can be easily mounted for actuation of valves in the field.
High performance stem bearing having additional strength to withstand high temperature and high pressure.
The stem bearing of the EJ series is a multilayered backmetal to provide a high performance bearing surface capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature.
Backup ring to maintain the stem sealing.
The backup ring around the stem maintains the performance of the stem sealing caused by the movement of the stem / disc in the sealing / seat of valve.
Stainless steel bearing features.
Within the stainless upper body bearing is a multi-layered bearing embedded to provide smooth stem operation. Housed also within the stem bearing is a snap ring to provide protection and prevent blow out of the stem due to internal pressure.
Polished disc.
The polished disc is standard for VMQ and optional for W-NBR seats for use within the food and pharmaceutical industry.
Materials Flange Table
Ductile iron (EN-GJS-450-10)
Stainless Steel (AISI 410)
Stainless Steel (A351 Gr.CF8M)
W-NBR (White NBR)
VMQ (Silicone rubber)
FKM (Fluoro rubber)
Stainless Steel
Stem bearing
Multi-layered bearing*
Zinc die-cast
Bottom stem
Stainless Steel (AISI 410)
* Tetrafluoroethylene resin filled overlayer, a sintered bronze interlayer and a steel backing.
BS EN 1092
Table E
: Standard mounting
: Special mounting (Proper centering is required) a steel backing.
Technical Specifications
•Maximum service pressure
PN1010bar (1.0MPa)
•Body material
Ductile ironEN-GJS-450-10, Equivalent to ASTM
A536 Gr. 65-45-12, BS 2789 Gr. 40/10*1
*1Obsolete Standard. 0bar
•Applicable standards
Valve designEN 593:2004
•Coupling flanges
Wafer typeEN1092 PN6, PN10, PN16
BS10 Table E
ASME Class125, Class150
P-T rating
Technical Data