The KITZ Group manufactures and sells valves, fittings, water purifiers, and industrial filters, all of which are devices used for the control of fluids. Valve manufacturing accounts for 78.8% of total sales.

KITZ supplies a broad array of valves in terms of materials and designs. Valves are widely used in applications closely tied to our daily lives, such as in building facilities, water and sewer systems, and natural gas distribution networks. Production processes in industries ranging from semiconductors to oil refining and petrochemicals also rely on KITZ valves.

In addition, the KITZ Group has a large overseas production network. By manufacturing products in the best location for each requirement, Group companies can supply products with prices, delivery schedules, and services that meet customers’ expectations.

Buildings and Houses
KITZ supplies valves used in heating and cooling, sanitation, fire prevention systems, and other equipment used in buildings and residential structures.
Water Supply Equipment
KITZ supplies valves used in equipment for water supply systems and equipment for treating water and wastewater. KITZ also manufactures products used in equipment for supplying water to buildings and homes.
Natural Gas and Energy
KITZ supplies a broad range of products used in the gas industry, including valves used for LNG related facilities such as gas processing plants, pipelines and loading/unloading terminals and even small gas fixtures for distribution to end users.
Production Equipment for Machinery and Industrial Devices
With a lineup of valves with many types of materials and configurations, KITZ can supply valves for almost any requirement associated with production machinery.
Oil Refining and Petrochemicals
KITZ supplies products used in refining and processing plants, pipelines, distribution terminals and even tank lorries of petroleum and petrochemical products.
Semiconductor Production Equipment
KITZ Group member KITZ SCT Corporation, supplies piping components used in equipment that produces semiconductor devices.

KITZ—A Reliable Brand

The KITZ Group provides a full lineup of products, and its quality is highly regarded by customers in Japan and overseas. Our 12 brands have a presence in virtually all markets and fields centered on the KITZ brand.

As an all-round player, KITZ provides countless product items worldwide, with particular strengths in building utility markets and petrochemical processing industries.

Toyo Valve was the first company in Japan to manufacture valves. The products are highly reputed in building utilities and fire prevention markets.

SGS’s products range from valves for water supply systems to those for water purification systems.

KITZ SCT manufactures valves and fittings for semiconductor manufacturers and other factories where high-purity fluid is handled.

Miyoshi Valve focuses on building utilities markets centering on water supply systems. Valves for turbo refrigeration units and regenerative air conditioning units are its unique products.

KITZ Micro Filter works on industrial precision filters and water conditioners.

YKV was incorporated as a joint venture of KITZ Corp.; Yokogawa Electric Corp., an instrumentation device manufacturer; and U.S.-based Valtek Inc. (currently Flowserve Corp.), famous for control valve technologies. YKV produces control valves for various applications.

Perrin is a German 2-way and multiport ball valve manufacturer focusing on customized products. High quality metal seated ball valves with hard facings made in their in-house coating facilities are one of the core products. Valves are typically being used for severe service applications in various materials.

A Spanish manufacturer of cast steel and stainless steel ball valves.

An automated ball valve and butterfly valve manufacturer for Indian industrial applications (chemicals, food and oil).

Industrial ball valve manufacturer in Brazil. It has lost-wax casting technology and its strength is integrated production from casting to processing and assembly.

Industrial butterfly valve manufacturer in South Korea. It has an abundant product range and high production capability for handling large diameters.

Valve Manufacturing Business