The KITZ Group published Corporate Report 2018 to provide its shareholders, investors and other stakeholders with information about the Group’s initiatives toward sustainable growth. The report focuses on value creation in the short, medium and long term based on the framework presented by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

Corporate Report 2018 (English)

  • Concept Gate Pages (PDF 273KB)
  • The KITZ Group’s Value Creation Process (PDF 843KB)
    • KITZ Group’s Growth Trajectory
    • Looking at the KITZ Group by Numbers
  • To Our Stakeholders (PDF 285KB)
    • Message from the President
    • Message from the CFO
  • Business Summary and Strategy (PDF 2.0MB)
    • Challenging New Possibilities
    • Valve Manufacturing Business
       · Message from Unit General Manager, Flow Control Business Unit
       · KITZ Group + Water
       · KITZ Group + Energy
       · KITZ—A Reliable Brand
       · Research and Development System Creating High Added Value
       · Production Systems That Assure High-Quality Products
       · Extensive and Strong Sales Network
       · As a Leading Company in the Valve Industry
    • Brass Bar Manufacturing Business
  • Human Resources (PDF 386KB)
    • Initiatives to Encourage and Support Human Resources
    • Message from Director in Charge of Human Resources
    • Diverse Human Resources in the KITZ Group
  • ESG of the KITZ Group (PDF 950KB)
    • Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and
      Executive Officers
    • Corporate Governance
    • Messages from Outside Directors
    • Internal Control System / Promotion of Compliance and Risk Management
    • Environmental Activities
    • Communication with Our Stakeholders
    • Social Contribution Activities
  • Data Section (PDF 337KB)
    • Financial Data
    • Group Network
    • Corporate Data / Stock Information
    • Information

This report is based on the information as of July 2018. Updated information and the information that is not contained in this report can be found on the Company's website.

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