KITZ Group Principle of Environmental Activities

KITZ Group companies aspire to become operations worthy of society’s confidence through the supply of environmentally friendly products and services and promotion of environment-responsive corporate activities.

KITZ Group Companies: Environmental Action Policy

KITZ Group companies shall recognize environmental issues as an essential perspective of corporate management and every employee shall positively participate in the following activities.

  1. Development and supply of environmentally friendly products and services
  2. Effective use of resources
  3. Promotion of reduction, reuse and recycle of waste
  4. Prevention of environmental contamination

Promotion of environmentally conscious management

Development and Supply of Environmentally Friendly Products and Services
KITZ has formulated its own independent environmentally friendly development policies and environmental impact reduction guidelines and works to develop products that minimize environmental impacts based on medium- and long-term perspectives.

Highly Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Steel Valves for Seawater Desalination Plant

Compact Water Purifier for Water Works
— Water Purification Equipment Contributing to the Use of Water in Mountainous Areas

Effective Use of Resources

The main materials of valves are metals, which are natural resources. KITZ utilizes used scrap metal as part of raw materials for valves. KITZ also strives to recycle scrap and cutting chips generated in the production process by utilizing the know-how it has accumulated over many years. In addition, for casting sand to be used in the casting process, chunks are crushed, sorted and processed in the sand process for recycling. If casting sand is used repeatedly and becomes smaller than the standard particle diameter, it will become waste. However, casting sand that is disposed of will be used as auxiliary materials for cement. In this way, KITZ aims to achieve coexistence with the global environment and promotes the effective use of limited resources.

Flow Chart of Recycling and Reuse in Production Process of Cast Iron Valves

Reduction of Waste, Promotion of Recycling and Reuse

We are working to properly dispose of materials that we are unable to reduce (no generation or bringing in of waste), reuse (recyclable waste materials are returned to the production lines for reuse) or recycle (sort and recycle as resources). By thoroughly sorting waste material and recycling it as valuable resources, we are curbing the amount of waste materials generated.

In its production divisions, based on surveys and analyses of the volume of waste generated, KITZ is promoting eff orts to reduce and reuse industrial waste materials, which consist mostly of waste materials generated by the KITZ Group's production activities. Moreover, the Waste Material Management System, which manages the KITZ Group's environment and safety-related information, enables KITZ to ascertain on a timely basis the entire waste-handling process, from the generation of waste to fi nal disposal, and allows this information to be shared within the Group. For its waste handling system, KITZ has established a framework under which the waste disposal route is determined in advance and waste cannot be processed using any route other than the route specified in the consignment agreements.

Volume of Industrial Waste Materials

Prevention of Environmental Contamination

Metal resources and casting sand, which are raw materials of valves, contain many Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) target substances* such as lead, manganese, chrome, nickel and chromium oxide. The main types of substances discharged into the atmosphere are xylene and toluene from paints, thinners and stored gasoline while the main substance transferred externally is chromium oxide contained in casting sand.

To prevent environmental contamination caused by dangerous and toxic substances contained in chemical products, in addition to preventing contamination from PRTR target substances*, KITZ built the Chemical Substance Management System in 2000. KITZ is working to identify chemical products containing toxic substances and to use alternative substances as it strives to improve the safety of its valve products and reduce environmental impacts.

Usage Volume of PRTR Substances (top five types)

KITZ Group Safety and Health Fundamental Philosophy

KITZ places the highest priority on safety and health in all of its activities based on the principle of showing respect for people. Group companies conduct extensive safety and health programs with the goal of zero accident.

KITZ Group Safety and Health Fundamental Policies

  1. KITZ maintains stimulating and pleasant workplaces that contribute to the mental and physical wellbeing of all employees.
  2. KITZ is dedicated to ensuring safety and health for all employees by complying with Japan’s Industrial Safety and Health Act and other associated laws and regulations as well as by adhering to internal rules and standards.
  3. KITZ improves safety and health management by educating and training all employees with regard to the knowledge and skills needed for safety and health programs.
  4. KITZ is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its machinery and equipment so that employees can do their jobs without concern.
  5. KITZ reduces exposure to risk factors with the goal of eliminating potential sources of danger and harm to employees in workplaces.

KITZ Group Environmental Report

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