Global Production Network: Manufacturing Facilities Located in the Optimum Location

The KITZ Group is building a structure for undertaking production in the most suitable locations for its operation around the world.

Under this structure, we produce high value-added products in Japan, while Japan also plays a crucial role as the command center for our global manufacturing activities. The KITZ Group now has international factories in Thailand, Taiwan, China, India, Spain, Germany and Brazil.

Developing and Strengthening Our Supply System Prioritizing Key Regions and Important Countries

The KITZ market covers the entire globe, with priority given to the regions that have the greatest demand for KITZ products. Beyond the home market in Japan, our priority market zones are centered in the three key market regions of Europe, the Americas and ASEAN nations, and the two important countries of China and India.

Globally, we have established regional headquarters that provide the functions of sales, marketing, engineering, stock, maintenance and service for each area, and conduct business close to the region and provide products and services to satisfy local customers' needs.

In addition to the representative offices in India and UAE, we have established sales bases in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, Germany, Spain and Brazil and have developed global sales networks. In order to respond to individual requests from customers, we are endeavoring to develop the KITZ Official Modification Shop network for the modification and repair of valves.

KITZ Group Production and Sales Networks

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