Integrated Production System That Provides Quality Control Starting from Castings


Based on integrated production, the KITZ Group positions castings (forge and foundry materials) that are valve materials as the core technology and produces them internally from castings. We have established an integrated production system in which our Group has its own casting facilities for the main valve materials such as bronze, casting iron, ductile, stainless steel and casting steel, thus putting in place a quality assurance system starting from materials. We also provide a wide variety of products in small quantities.

KITZ Brand is Backed by Quality Management Systems

Pressure tests

KITZ Corporation recognized the importance of conformance to the international standard on quality management systems earlier than anyone in the industry. In November 1989, KITZ became the first Japanese company to earn ISO 9001 certification. At present, all domestic and international production bases in the KITZ Group have been certified to this standard. In February 2019, our Group company, KITZ Engineering Service Co., Ltd., became the first in the Group to obtain certification for the scope of "valve maintenance" under the standard. Additionally, in July 2001, KITZ Corporation was certified, for the first time in the valve industry in Japan, in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for CE marking required for European markets. KITZ plants in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Spain and Germany have now obtained PED certification as well.

In addition to these international quality standards, in Japan, KITZ Corporation is approved by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as an authorized gas tester under the High Pressure Gas Safety Act. It supplies Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) certified products and complies with standards of the Japan Water Works Association (JWWA). KITZ plants in Japan and China are also certified to display the API Monogram of the American Petroleum Institute.

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