Dividend Policy

Returning profits to shareholders by cash dividend is one of the highest priorities of KITZ. The Company's stance is to place importance on the consistency and stability of the dividend while taking into account a number of factors. These factors include current results of operations and the need for funds for capital investment, development, M&A and other activities needed for growth. Another factor is the need to increase retained earnings to provide funds for repaying loans and redeeming bonds.

Based on the above-stated considerations, KITZ believes that a dividend payout ratio of about 35% of net income attributable to owners of the parent is appropriate. KITZ may consider the acquisition of treasury stock as appropriate, taking into consideration the stock market, the Company's share price trends, the status of cash on hand, and other factors, taking into account the amount of investments required for medium-to long-term growth. KITZ will continue to enhance the return of profits to its shareholders.


Annual Dividend and Dividend Yield

Due to a change in the fiscal year-end, the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020 is an irregular fiscal period, with a nine-month fiscal period.

Date of Record for Shares

Year-end: December 31
Interim: June 30

Returns to Shareholders and Dividend Policy