4th Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2019 - 2021) As of May, 2019

KITZ Corporation has formulated 4th phase of Medium-Term Management Plan for the period from FY2019 to FY2021. In the valve manufacturing business, we have established the slogan of aiming to be "World Strong No. 2" in the global market by 2030. In a world ranking of valve manufacturers (sales and based on KITZ estimates), the KITZ Group is currently part of a third-place group of four companies, which have virtually no differences in standing among them. We aim to raise our level and secure a strong second place in this world ranking. In order to achieve this, we will engage in various specific initiatives.

KITZ Group Vision

In formulating the fourth Medium-Term Management Plan, we have set out a clear vision for 2030. In quantitative terms, we have set the targets of attaining an average annual growth rate of 4% for net sales, an average annual growth rate of 7% for earnings per share (EPS) and return on eguity (ROE) of 12%. We want to make the fourth Medium-Term Management Plan a step toward growth with a view to achieving these targets.

1. 2030 Vision

  • Provide world-class technology and engineering to customers and contribute to reducing environmental impact through energy shift and response to a recycling-oriented society.
  • Use ICT to transform business models and strengthen product development capabilities to establish a strong position in growth markets.
  • Supporting the development of global social infrastructure as well as the economic growth of all regions of the world.
  • Based on fair and transparent rules, we aim to be a company in which employees can work better and safer and realize healthier lives.

2. Management Targets

  • Synchronize business management information globally and carry out evolving group consolidated management.
  • Allocate and utilize human resources, assets and funds from the perspective of group-wide optimization.
  • Improve the visibility of the supply chain globally, incorporate simple decision-making into management, invest in labor saving, and improve labor productivity.

3. Numerical Target

  • We have set the following quantitative targets for 2030, with the medium-to long-term goal of becoming the "World Strong No. 2" in the valve manufacturing business.

Growth Profitability Efficiency
Net Sales Annual Growth Rate 4% EPS Annual Growth Rate 7% ROE 12%
Medium-Term Business Plan