Commitment and Slogan

In March 2020, the KITZ Group announced its Sustainability Commitment and Sustainability Slogan, which serve as important guidelines for promoting its sustainable management. The Sustainability Commitment is a promise to all stakeholders as the KITZ Group aims to continuously be sustainable and raise social value. The Sustainability Slogan is a guidepost for all KITZ Group employees to realize the Commitment.


Create a Society That Lives Together in Harmony with the Earth through Our Fluid Control Businesses

Since its founding in 1951, KITZ has supported infrastructure indispensable for our lives and industries through its fluid control-related business activities encompassing long years of involvement in materials development and has undertaken regional promotion and environmental conservation activities to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We wish to create a sustainable society where all people on earth can live their lives with peace of mind. To create   the ideal society, we believe companies must achieve sustainable growth while working to solve social issues and protect the global environment through business activities.

Working toward realizing a sustainable society, the KITZ Group takes a sincere approach toward the earth and its inhabitants and will raise both its corporate  and social value.


Create the Future /
Preserve the Future

Create the Future

The KITZ Group will act and take on challenges without fear of change and create a new future aimed at realizing a recycling-based society which is friendly to the earth and people.

Preserve the Future

The KITZ Group will continuously protect the earth's finite resources and people's lives and will work to realize a society in which we can preserve things for the next generation.

ESG-based Initiatives and SDGs

We highlighted the further enhancement of ESG initiatives as a key theme under the fourth Medium-Term Management Plan that started in FY2019. On March 2020, we visualized the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are closely aligned with KITZ's important initiatives for March 2020. We will further strengthen initiatives implemented to the present while accelerating sustainable management and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

ESG-based Initiatives and SDGs

Major item Sub-item Specific implementation item SDGs
Contributing to the conservation of the global environment through business activities
Measures against global warming 1. Maximize contribution to environment through products and services ①Develop, manufacture, and sell brass bar materials (lead-free materials and cadmium-free materials) that are friendly to both people and the environment Goal 3: HealthGoal 6: Water and SanitationGoal 7: EnergyGoal 12: Sustainable consumption and productionGoal 13: Climate Change
②Expand disinfection and purification equipment that realizes safe water treatment
③Supply products that are compliance with the RoHS directive and REACH regulation
④Development of products that are compliant with the field of clean energy
2. Minimize environmental burden in business activities ①Promotion of activities to reduce the volume of greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2
②Promote energy-saving activities through improvement of productivity
③Promote reduction, reuse, and recycling of water resources and waste
3. Prevent environment pollution on a group-wide and global basis ①Identify chemical products that contain toxic substances and promote alternatives
②Promote risk reduction activities at production bases in Japan and overseas
Valuing human resources, safety, and local communities
1. Promote diversity and inclusion of human resources ①Introduce and consolidate a personnel system that facilitates work Goal 5: Gender equality and women's empowermentGoal 8: Economic GrowthGoal 10: Inequality
②Initiatives of equal pay for equal work
③Promote active roles for female employees
④Appoint and develop global human resources
⑤Enhance systems that support work-life balance
2. Foster a corporate culture that values safety, health, and human rights ①Create a work environment which is safe and healthy to work in
②Do not act in a manner that is prejudicial, discriminatory, a violation of human rights or unjust in relation to nationality, religion, or race, etc.
3. Appropriate business activities ①Promote supply chain management through fair trading
②Pursue customer satisfaction by securing quality and safety
4. Social contribution activities ①Promote social contribution activities
Fair management
1. Establish a sound corporate governance system ①Effective operation of a Nomination Committee and an Executive Compensation Committee Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
②Appoint female executives
③Enhance internal controls (internal audit) under the Companies Act in addition to J-SOX
2. Improve management transparency and strengthen the management oversight system ①Share information by implementing the Four-Party Audit and Supervision Meeting, which adds outside directors to the Tripartite Audit Assembly (Audit & Supervisory Board, Accounting Auditor, Internal Audit Office)
②Audit and supervision of Group companies by outside directors
③Enhance Internal Audit Office
3. Strengthen the effectiveness of the Board of Directors ①Strengthen governance through the appointment of outside directors with wide-ranging knowledge and experience and stimulate the Board of Directors
②Implement evaluation of effectiveness of the Board of Directors and address issues

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