Serious problems related to water resources and water shortages are occurring throughout the world. Reduction of CO2 emissions to tackle climate change is an urgent worldwide issue. Here we introduce main products which the KITZ Group is working toward solving these issues facing our societies.

Package unit for hydrogen refueling station

To realize a clean energy society

Goal 7: EnergyKITZ has been selling ultra-high-pressure ball valves for hydrogen stations since 2012. Moreover, in 2018 we constructed a hydrogen station utilizing a small package unit for internal use at the Nagasaka Plant, and carried out operational demonstrations while accumulating related technologies for two years. Based on the results of these efforts, we developed a unique package unit that consolidates the main parts and launched business in April 2020.

By fully adopting our ball valves, which are only such product in the world capable of sealing 100 MPa-class hydrogen gas and controlling a large amount of flow, we improved piping efficiency and realized compactness.

KITZ Smart Aquaculture

Cultivating and supplying fresh, safe and secure fish for regional development

Goal 14: OceansIn the international marine products market, farmed fish account for about half of the fish available in the market, reflecting rising demand and a shortage of natural resources. In recent years, cultivating fish in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) has been expanding to assure stable production and traceability and to avoid ocean pollution and natural disasters such as typhoons and red tides, which are concerns in sea surface aquaculture using fish preserves.

On the basis of past achievements of RAS cultivation for multiple fish species at the Chino Plant, KITZ has participated in a government-private sector consortium for marine products that undertakes research and development in cultivation of cherry salmon. KITZ is presently breeding "Shinshu Salmon" using an RAS equipped with its unique remote monitoring device and has begun to provide this salmon as a food ingredient to Hotel Beniya (Suwa, Nagano Prefecture), which is one of our group companies. This involves cultivation and provision of fresh, safe and secure fish raised by land aquaculture for regional development and is an activity for exploring the possibility of a business model for business diversification of the primary sector that will lead to regional revitalization.

KITZ Water Solutions

Pureculaser/water purifier

Safe water treatment and purification

Goal 6: Water and SanitationPureculaser is a water purifier that disinfects and purifies water (decompose organic matter) leveraging the synergistic effects of ozone, ultraviolet rays and photocatalysts. Initially, sales were targeted mainly at pools, hot bath facilities, and agricultural sectors for such applications as the purification of culture solutions in plant cultivation facilities. Currently, sales to industrial sectors such as the reuse of pure water utilized at production plants are increasing.

Aqua Rescue/compact water purifier for emergency use

Water purification system for disaster areas and small villages

Goal 11: CitiesGoal 6: Water and SanitationThe "Aqua Rescue" system is a compact water purifier capable of handling a wide range of water sources, including water drawn from mountain streams, rivers and wells. This system can be installed outdoors at the water supply locations in disaster areas and can receive power from small generators at facilities such as gymnasiums that serve as evacuation shelters. Furthermore, the system is fully automated, making it capable of unmanned operation after installation and adjustment.

Aqua Rescue was originally developed for dedicated water supply for small villages. However, it is now used in a variety of situations as a temporary and emergency system in disaster areas.

Resolving Issues Facing Our Societies