Initiatives to Encourage and Support Human Resources

The KITZ Group is promoting various initiatives as a means of ensuring that each and every employee is able to demonstrate his or her full potential.

Desired Personnel

"Do it True" (referring to sincerity and the truth) is the first Action Guide at KITZ. Being sincere, being serious and complying with the rules and morals of society are the values that the KITZ Group considers to be the most important. We also consider these values to be the essence of KITZ's outstanding corporate culture.

The Action Guides that follow these are "Do it Now" (referring to speed and timeliness) and "Do it New" (referring to creative ability and challenges). To respond to market demands that are changing with breathtaking speed, we need agile business expansion and the ability to come up with and act on ideas that fall outside conventional thinking. We aim to be a professional group that boldly takes on new challenges and where employees can deploy their own latent creative powers.

Human Resources Development

KITZ approaches training for its employees with "displaying human resources competence" and "displaying organizational capacity" as dual targets. KITZ is improving its programs for human resources development, such as programs for professional education based on duties and job classifications and programs for educating specially selected employees, with hierarchical education as a pillar. In addition, KITZ is developing a corporate culture that enables its employees to keep their motivation high by operating a target system for challenges and linking their development to their evaluation and treatment.

Basic Training of Young Employees

Newly hired graduates participate in an introductory training course on proper etiquette as adult members of society and on job fundamentals. After this, they acquire fundamental knowledge about valves and learn about the basic thinking and behavior as KITZ employees at new employee training, including practical training held at plants. Employees hired for technical positions then learn about the basics of design, machine work and casting over a one-year period. They are officially assigned to positions when they have sufficiently acquired the fundamentals of monozukuri (manufacturing).

After being assigned to a position, each employee is assigned an advisor and a mentor. In addition to regular meetings to ensure that on-the-job training is proceeding as planned, we have also incorporated systems such as result presentations so that employees can report to one another on the acquisition of skills.

Language Education for Selected Employees

To cultivate human resources who can be successful on the global stage, we are investing efforts into language education for selected young employees. Our initiatives are aimed at continuous improvement of language ability to facilitate smooth communication in various situations overseas, including technical instruction, meetings and presentations at academic conferences.

Promoting Globalization

Since the establishment of a sales subsidiary in the United States in 1984, KITZ has developed its business globally by successively setting up production bases and sales bases overseas while adding valve manufacturers in Spain, Germany, India, Brazil and Korea to the KITZ Group through M&A. At present, the KITZ Group operates bases in 18 countries worldwide. Employees working in countries other than Japan (including those on loan) account for 55.2% of the Group's total workforce (as of December 31, 2020).

As an organization made up of employees from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, the KITZ Global HR* Policy was established to become an even stronger corporate group. We also formulated a common Group wide personnel philosophy and pursue the development of these measures and cultivation of leaders in keeping with this philosophy.

*HR: Human Resources

Personnel Structure by Country

Diversity & Inclusion* Efforts

Since the autumn of 2015, KITZ has been promoting diversity as one of its key management strategies. We see employees as company assets (human resources), and we believe that it is our mission to respect the individuality of employees with a diverse range of attributes (such as gender, age, nationality, occupation, position, working style) and values, to accept one another and to develop an environment in which each of these employees can demonstrate their full potential. We also require employees themselves to hone their sensibilities and reasoning capabilities, to improve themselves, to accept the diversity in others and to help one another.

These efforts to respect individuals and include them leads to employees gaining fulfillment from their jobs, and we believe this leads to the organization reaching its maximum potential.

*Diversity & Inclusion: Accepting, mutually acknowledging and utilizing individual diversity

Reforms to the Personnel System

As part of the realization of the ideals of a "strong culture, strong organization" and "truly global company," we have shifted to a new personnel system, the aim of which is for the Company to become a professional organization with business expertise that will never be overcome by competitors.

In accordance with their career plan, employees choose "expert roles," in which advanced professional skills and knowledge gained through the experience of working are demonstrated, and "global roles," in which their aim is to create new added value and work in a professional role where they are globally active and a leading professional in the industry.

The system enables employees to change their career path according to changes in their individual life stages, allowing anyone the chance to tackle new challenges and to grow while feeling job satisfaction.

Transforming the Corporate Culture and Awareness

KITZ is engaged in efforts to encourage a transformation of awareness based on the concept of shifting from methods that have been taken for granted until now to constantly seeking out new methods and ways of doing things in order to ensure recognition of diverse human resources while at the same time protecting the traditions from the time of its original founding.

As a new initiative, we formed our cross departmental task force to discuss the company's long-term vision and mission. Mainly young employees assembled through an open recruitment process discussed a vision for the KITZ Group. The 30 members were unable to gather in one place for discussions due to the spread of COVID-19, but after repeated discussions in online meetings, five plans were reported directly to top management. These efforts later developed into new initiatives. For example, a meeting body was formed to reflect these plans in management strategies, and a separate task force was set up in the manufacturing division to discuss themes related to human resources.

Work-Life Balance

KITZ is striving to enhance work-life balance to enable each employee to work with high motivation and a sense of fulfillment. Each individual can build careers as company employees who execute their job responsibilities while fully deploying their capabilities. They can choose a diverse and flexible working style in accordance with changes in various stages of their personal lives, such as having to provide child care or nursing care.

Shortened Working Hours

Shortened working hours in which prescribed working hours are reduced, so as to allow employees to carry out childcare duties. In the past, they applied until a child was three-years-old, but the period was extended to until a child entered primary school.

Childcare Leave

A period of childcare leave can be acquired, at a maximum, up to the last day of March after a child turns one-year-old, or up to the day preceding the day he or she turns one-year and six-months old. Where there is a reason, however, that a child is not able to enter nursery school, the period can be extended up to when the child turns two years of age.

Re-Entry System

We have started a system that allows employees who have left the company for childbirth, childcare, nursing of family members or relocation due to their spouse's business to resume work so long as they have registered in advance. The Company is committed to the creation of an environment that is easier to work in, for example, a system that allows the acquisition of time units of paid holiday time, or where accumulated paid leave can be used as child care or nursing care leave.

Workplace with a Sense of Openness

The president of KITZ Corporation has declared an open door policy and on many occasions communicated the importance of an open workplace environment to employees. Other company officers also place an emphasis on communication and exchange views with employees on a regular basis. KITZ also holds sports events where company officers, employees and their families interact, subsidizes social gatherings among employees in the company and generally pursues initiatives designed to enhance the sense of solidarity at the workplace.

KITZ SDGs Week 2021

KITZ SDGs Week 2021 was held in February 2021. This internal event was planned to encourage employees to learn about the SDGs in a fun way and to recognize and internalize the links between the 17 goals in the business activities of the KITZ Group. An organizing committee assembled through internal recruitment handled the entire event from planning to operation on its own, including panel displays, the sale of original eco-friendly reusable bags and the running of an SDGs quiz. Menu items using sustainable foods were provided at the employee cafeteria, and it became an opportunity for many employees to gain a deeper understanding of the SDGs.

KITZ SDGs Week 2021

Social Contribution Activities

As a good corporate citizen, the KITZ Group places value ​​on communication with society and actively strives to coexist in harmony with local communities and preserve the global environment.

Priority Activity Areas/Domains

Among its numerous social contribution activities, KITZ has designated "Stimulating local economies," "Contributing to global society," "Conserving regional environments" and "Promoting local culture" as priority activity areas/domains and will focus on promoting a variety of activities related to these four fields/domains.