Comparative Table - B Series and F Series
B Series
F Series
Instrument compressed air or nitrogen gas
Instrument compressed air or nitrogen gas
Standard operating pressure
Allowable pressure range
0.3MPa ∼ 0.7MPa
Output transfer mechanism
Single piston / Scotch yoke
Single piston / Rack and pinion
Cylinder material
Ductile cast iron (FCD450)
Aluminum castings
Cylinder pressure resistance
Installation of accessories
Requires a mounting board and air piping.
NAMUR Direct Mount Base used for NAMUR standard items
Intermediate travel adjustment
Available (Optional)
Available (Can be added later)
Special coating
Not available
Widely used for a variety types of plant facilities.
Accessories can be installed using a variety of standard mounting boards. The actuator enclosure can also be coated in a color specified by the customer.
Using a NAMUR Direct Mount Base, NAMUR standard accessories can be mounted directly, allowing easy mounting even after the pipe arrangement has been completed. The aluminum enclosure provides a lightweight actuator.
Example of installation of accessories (optional)
B Series accessories
F Series accessories