A sharp lambda-shaped edged disc, combined with a metal seat, cuts through all impurities suspended in the line fluid when the valve is closed and has additional applications for throttling (regulating flow volumes at an intermediate travel). Lambda port valves are ideal for the control and shutoff of slurries, highly viscous fluids and fibrous fluids such as pulp and paper material.
♦Λ shaped edge cuts through impurities
As the metal disc slides the seat cuts it cuts through fibers and solids suspended in the line. A ball valve or other conventional valve would likely become clogged if closed on fluid containing suspended pulp or fibrous impurities, making maintenance work troublesome. The lambda port valve avoids valve clogging because its sharp metal edge cuts through all impurities suspended in the line fluid while the valve is being closed, including fibrous matter. Another advantage of this valve is easy maintenance: its body is flanged, so it does not require any special tools for disassembly and assembly.
♦Stable operating torque and high resistance to piping stress
Designed so that some of its metal components (the body, cap and seat) touch each other, the lambda port valve is highly resistant to piping stress and other external forces. In addition, the stem bearings' low coefficient of friction maintains stable operating torque.