Superior resistance for chemicals
All surfaces of valve wet parts are lined with PFA to protect valve service life from chemical corrosion.
Lining with high durability
Injection molded PFA lining is free from pinholes, cracks, swelling, and locally uneven thickness, and prevents service problems with exfoliation, stress cracking and fluid permeation.
Thermal resistance
PFA's thermal stability no harmful additive or pigment, and remains chemically inactive, and thus there is no concern of organic extraction or elution of metallic ions.
Prevention of thermal shock and mechanical impact
Compared with FEP, PFA's high viscoelasticity provides far better properties such as tensile strength, elongation and bending elasticity even under a higher temperature range.
Ease in valve operation
PFA's paraffin molecular structure provides extremely smooth surface of lined wet parts to minimize valve operating torque.
Minimized valve operation cost
Damage caused by corrosion or wear is almost nil with PAF lining to extend valve service life, reducing its operation cost consequently.
Ease in valve automation
KITZ pneumatic actuators can be factory-assembled with KITA PFA lined ball valves for readily available valve automation.
PFA (Perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether resin) is inherently provided with thermal stability, chemical resistance and good mechanical properties, which are equal to or even better than those of PTFE, while it has overcome PTFE's difficulty with thermoplasticity.
Its superior workability enables to provide valve wet parts with fine lining without any concern of pinholes. Also it is recommended for food processing since it is colorless and needs no additive or pigment contents.